News October 2013

Necrovation will perform with Tribulation 16th of November in our 'hometown' Kristianstad.

More info when there is an official flyer for the gig, check info on facebook in the meanwhile.

News June 2012

All ye necromaniac fiends, here is nothing but death...

Our second full length album "Necrovation" is out NOW on Agonia Records!

Preview track; "Sepulchreal", enjoy!

Full track list;

1. Necrovorous Insurrection
2. Dark Lead Dead
3. Pulse of Towering Madness
4. Commander of Remains
5. New Depths
6. Sepulchreal
7. Resurrectionist
8. The Transition
9. Ill Mouth Madness (The Many)

The album is available on LP/CD HERE

Also, we've got some more thrilling news for you real soon, stay tuned.